Tips For A Weekend Outdoor Getaway

For many people going to a hotel with room service or nearby restaurants is the ideal vacation.  For others finding an outdoor venue that brings them closer to nature is the way to go.  For those people looking for lake george ny cottage rentals might be the perfect environment for your next trip.


When we decide on a cabin we are technically rouging it without having to sleep in tents.  With cabins we have more protection from the elements, comfort with couches, chairs and a bed.  Some cabins also have running water, showers and other amenities that make them a logical choice.


Wildlife is also accessible from cabins.  With a cabin we can view them from a far, keep our food safe from poachers and don’t have to worry about finding one of nature’s creatures in our sleeping bags.

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Packing for your trip

When packing for a cabin trip you will want to pack as if you were going to be camping in a tent.  You will need t bring food, water, clothing and other supplies that you would normally take on any trip.  When looking at the cabin you will look at it as a mini-hotel without the room service.

Meet new people

When visiting a cabin several of them may be close to each other.  As such, these other cabins may have been rented as well.  With others in the campground or cabin site you can meet new people, make friends and expand your outdoor experience.

Rivers and Lakes

Most cabins are built near lakes, rivers and other natural wonders.  With these natural resources you and your family can fish, go swimming, hiking and enjoy a vast amount of activities that will bring you away from the fast paced of technology and bring you back to nature.