Picking The Perfect Weekend Cabin Rental

Getting away for a few days is always a good way relax and unwind.  Many people are taking shorter more compact vacations these days and as such they are looking for fun and unique places to stay.  One option that is becoming very popular is weekend cabin rentals south lake tahoe ca.  When renting a cabin for the weekend you have the privacy of a hotel and the freedom of a house.  These options are becoming very popular, but what is it you want to look for?


Photos are the first thing you want to look at.  Stepping into a cabin in the woods without seeing it can bring back memories of slasher movies.  This is why having a lots of bright pictures of the cabin, the interior and even areas outside will give potential visitors a sense of being there. 

Detailed descriptions

No one wants to read a book but going into extra detail on a specific area or amenity that is offered is always a good thing.  Too many sites are out there now that just give you a single picture, a two line description and a massive price.  When looking for the perfect place, find the ones that have more detail in their description.  This way you know exactly what it is you are getting.

Site is updated

weekend cabin rentals south lake tahoe ca

When visiting these pages make sure that the site is updated.  Visiting a site for a summer cabin and seeing it decorated for Christmas will turn most people off.  When they have time to update their site then they show that they care and are looking to get fresh new bookings.

Call and ask questions

Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions.  When you ask questions you can get a good feeling for their customer service.  If they are nice and helpful on the phone then you can assume you will get the same service there.  If they are rude you can expect the same as well.