Tips For Living Near A Lake

Living near a lake is probably a dream come true for most people.  The great outdoors is seen as tranquil and inviting.  For those that are looking for land near a private lake clarksville va to build a house and spend time on the water, here are some tips and tricks for finding the best deal.

The view

The view is probably the main reason one would want to live on a lake.  When designing your house the view will be your focal point.  With this in mind you want to try and design your home with the main room that you will use facing the lake.

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Room design

Room design is another key factor in designing your house. When on the lake you may be secluded from prying eyes and nearby neighbors.  This gives you the ability to have an open floor plan with many windows.  This type of layout will let light in as well as capture unique views from all rooms of the house.

Lake access

Having access to the lake is also a large option.  When building your house you can have a deck built from the back deck all the way down to the water.  If this is not possible designing something that really allows you to enjoy the water should be put into place.


Having a boat is probably the icing on the cake.  With a small boat you will be able to fish, swim and travel the lake in peace and comfort. 

A private lake is a great option if you can find one.  The crowded beaches, commercial developments and hustle and bustle can get overwhelming at times.  There is nothing like getting up in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, sitting out on your deck and taking in the calm and tranquility of the silent water.